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Steevensz|Beckers Tax Lawyers Curaçao provides independent, high-quality tax advice to local and international clients in the Dutch Caribbean (Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Aruba and the Islands that form the Netherlands Caribbean, i.e. Bonaire, Saba, St. Eustatia). We help our clients minimize risks and solve tax problems, and draw their attention to any opportunities that arise. We advise medium-sized and large family owned businesses and their shareholders, medium sized and lager publicly traded companies, high net worth individuals (usually business owners or investors), private equity firms and other organizations (including non-profit organizations and charities) on national and international tax matters.

The Cooperation The tax lawyers of Steevensz|Beckers Tax Lawyers have built-up a large network of tax colleagues in various countries.

Steevensz|Beckers Tax Lawyers works, amongst others, for companies in the retail, real estate, leisure and hotels, food and beverage, rental and leasing companies, international trading and e-commerce companies, private equity firms, inter- national holding companies, and financial service providers.

Steevensz | Beckers Finance offers the following financial services:

  • Administrative services and Payroll

  • Preparing annual reports

  • Business valuations

  • Preparing grant requests

  • Business consultancy

Steevensz|Beckers Tax Lawyers assists our international clients, by offering the same services in cooperation with our network of tax law and audit offices in Europe, Latin- and Central America: high-quality full service at competitive rates.

Why Curaçao?
Curaçao can be considered as the first Caribbean midshore tax jurisdiction that combines transparency demanded by the OECD, tax substance, low tax rates, financial infrastructure, asset protection, competitive structuring possibilities and access to tax treaty networks. Curaçao has an excellent holding regime, that exempt dividends and capital gains received from subsidiaries provided certain conditions are met, and international trading regimes. Curaçao is OECD white listed since 2009, have signed an IGA FATCA agreement with the US, has over 26 Tax Exchange and Information agreements and double taxation agreements with the Netherlands and Norway and with Malta and Seychellen pending.

Curaçao is conveniently located for the coast of Latin America, with a natural harbor with one of the largest container and oil terminal/refinery in the Caribbean and can be considered as your logistic and financial hub Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Curaçao is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands which gives individuals and companies access to the Dutch Supreme Court in The Hague for Civil law and criminal law matters and as of 2016 for tax matters too.

Curaçao is party to over more than 90 Bilateral Investment Treaties which, amongst others, protects investments against expropriation, and is one of the asset protection possibilities that Curaçao has to offer.

Curaçao has signed the MCAA on the exchange of Country-by-Country method and belongs the first group of 53 countries that signed the MCAA on Common Reporting Standard

Full service
In addition to providing tax advice, Steevensz|Beckers also offers custom made Finance support (such as financial administration) through Steevensz|Beckers Finance.

Steevensz|Beckers Finance is your partner for high quality financial services in its broadest sense. We cater to Small and medium sized businesses as well as international clients, with a focus on Dutch companies with an international subsidiary.

By establishing a personal and involved relationship and working method, we aim for a durable and close collaboration with our clients. This way we can offer you, the entrepreneur, a real added value.